Notes on good backpacks for high school, along with the best backpack for college or the best backpack for high school, that this Texas article reveals helped a student get elected student body President.

The Facebook video looked like an innocent, if a bit corny, campaign ad for a candidate for student body president. Who would have imagined that it would attract the attention of the man tasked with caring for America’s nuclear weapons?

The minute-and-a-half-long clip shows clean-cut candidate Robert McIntosh, a Texas A&M University student, wearing khakis and cowboy boots as he takes an elevator to the top of an on-campus parking garage. As a Coldplay song plays in the background, he runs into the middle of a few dozen smiling friends who have their arms locked and are swaying in a circle. McIntosh unzips a backpack and dumps glow sticks and paint onto the ground, and the friends grab them and run to paint their car windows. Then, a logo flashes: “Rally With Robert.”

It was the glow sticks that got him in trouble.

McIntosh was trying to rally his fellow classmates to vote for him in the February election. But in the month since it was posted, the video has stirred up a lot more than just votes. It led to his disqualification — based on the technicality that he didn’t report the glow sticks on his campaign finance report — as a candidate, even though he won the most votes in the election. And it has swept him and his top opponent up into a dumbfounding amount of public attention.

McIntosh has mostly taken the setback in stride, not raising any public complaints so far. But A&M has now made national news twice as a result. It first happened because the candidate who was eventually declared winner, economics major Bobby Brooks, is set to become the traditionally conservative school’s first openly gay student body president. Attention increased even more after one of the school’s most famous alumni, former Gov. Rick Perry, questioned the outcome…

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